An Affair to Remember

You can probably count the moments in your life you’re sure you’ll remember and it’s quite special when you’re able to realize something as one of those as it is happening.

I joined a blogging contest conducted by a while back and after months of waiting, the winners were finally announced last August 31, 2011 in the Powerplant cinemas. And to great surprise, I turned out to be one of the winners! I sound so calm in this post, probably because I’ve already kind of digested the news but the first time I heard about it I was just beyond shocked. I really couldn’t believe it! I’ll be posting a video I recorded right when I got home from the event soon as well as a review of the movie we watched (The event was also a special screening of the movie Bad Teacher) but for now, here are a few pictures of the event I won’t soon (or ever) forget. 

It was pleasantly overwhelming to see screen caps of my site on the theater screen so thank you so much to everyone who helped me! Your comments and “likes” are very much appreciated and I will be eternally grateful. Congratulations too to the other winners Arriane Serafico, Kisty Mea, and Brian Shaw

I’ll be blogging for the website so watch out for my posts!! Their website is linked on my sidebar so please do visit. It really is the go to website for the latest on anything and everything in the Metro. Movie schedules, reviews, events, and trends are just a click away, plus there’s a mobile application available for all Android users, and soon for Apple gadgets as well. 

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